Motorcycle Training Course Online Registration

Motorcycling is a fun and exciting sport. For some of us, it is even a preferred means of transportation. For others, it is a way to save money on daily commutes. Whatever the reason you ride, you should understand that there are inherent risks in motorcycling that are very different from those experienced by other vehiclesThe major factors, relative to a car, are reduced protection from external forces, less traction from two wheels versus four, and, the most insidious of all, reduced visibility. It is a fact that many drivers just do not see motorcyclists!

What all this suggests is that becoming a motorcyclist involves skills beyond just mastering some new controls. Good, safe riding involves skills of both the mind and the body. Sure, you can probably learn it all on your own - eventually. But is it worth the risk?

**A discounted price for all Salt Lake Community College Basic Rider Safety and Experienced Rider Safety courses will be available for a limited time only. Visitors to this site will be able to view the discounted course prices starting on April 24, 2019. This discount is only available for individuals who register for a safety course on April 24 through the end of the promotion. A refund for the difference in course pricing will not be made available for individuals who register before April 24, 2019.**



  • If you are new to riding, or just coming back to it after a long hiatus, or just looking for a refresher, this is the course for you! We also offer a full range of training programs in a women-only format.
  • If you are new to riding, or just coming back to it after a long hiatus, or just looking for a refresher, this is the course for you!
  • This course is designed for motorcyclists with at least one year of riding experience and/or 1,500 miles under your belt.
  • The Returning Riders Basic Rider Course is a license waiver course designed for a rider with previous riding experience and/or the individual who has been riding a motorcycle on a permit for some time. The material assumes the rider knows the basic function of the motorcycle controls and is able to operate them.
  • The procedures for riding a sport bike do not vary greatly from the procedures for riding other types of motorcycles, but the techniques some riders use are different.
  • This class is for experienced riders to help them practice and develop life saving skills that will enhance rider safety and enjoyment for riders of all ages. THIS IS NOT A LICENSE WAIVER COURSE AND THEY WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY CERTIFICATE.